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  • About me

    Hi, I'm a front-end developer. For the last two years, I focused on creating websites for both small presentation sites and large portal solutions. In each new project, I applied new technology for a more effective workflow. I prefer a simple and stylish design.

  • Skills & Tools


    Other technologies

    Jade(Pug), Gulp, SCSS, Wordpress, XML, Json, XSL, Seo(On-Page), Website speed optimization, Bower, Materialize, Flexbox

    Communication, Management

    Skype, Slack, Trello, Jira, Bitbucket

  • Interesting information

    Hobbies: Sports (footbal, tennis, hockeyball), Music, Web technologies, Coding

    Preferred browser: Chrome

    Preferred IDE: PhpStorm, Sublime Text (small projects)

    Current location: